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  • Growing green: embrace
    the"earth’s power for
    ever-greener days

    • Referans Pendik will gradually reveal the strength of the earth to you, displaying its evergreen allure and distinct textures"in every season, a true showcase of nature’s artistry. From sapling to tree, it promises much greener tomorrows.
  • A fairytale
    from the first step

    • From the very first step into Referans Pendik, a world of impressive quality and aesthetics unfolds before you. Step into a world of enchantment with"its expansive welcoming square, a secure gateway after the lush greenery, and a mesmerizing 35.000 m2 of vibrant, unique landscape.
  • Every day is
    a holiday

    • Immerse yourself in nature’s embrace at Referans Pendik, where lush greens, the tranquil murmur of cascading waters, flower-adorned pergolas, charming bridges, and serene resting spots paint a picturesque scene that offers both holiday comfort and tranquility.
  • Endless options for kids

    • Embrace the shared joy on their faces as your kids explore and play freely in a safe haven. Discover a realm of choices for your kids at Referans Pendik, from dedicated playgrounds in every neighborhood to a grand communal play haven accessible to all
  • Get ready to embrace the
    longed-for warmth of a

    • Amidst its inviting, contemporary architecture, unparalleled location, and a plethora of privileges, one of the true gems you’ll uncover at Referans Pendik is the heartwarming embrace of old-fashioned neighborly bonds. Savoring coffe under the gazebos with neighbors, friend-filled barbecues on the reserved lawn area, and a myriad of delightful experiences await you...
  • Less floors more comfort

    • Referans Pendik comes alive with an architecture that’s not only eco-conscious but also reassuringly low-rise, respecting the local vibe. It merges the nostalgia of neighborhood warmth with contemporary aesthetics,offering everyone a privileged, joyful, tranquil, and secure lifestyle.
  • Experience the privilege
    of detached living

    • Finally embrace the detached living you’ve always dreamed of. In Referans Pendik, where life blossoms in every shade, from blue to green, a handful of exclusive villas and apartments with lush gardens are ready to embrace freedom-loving"individuals who yearn for a life of their own. Cherish your dreams and embrace your exclusive lifestyle, in the midst of its stunning vistas and impeccable architecture that places comfort above all else.
  • Perfection in every detail

    • Indulge in the uniqueness of your home’s interior design, making every moment truly exceptional. At Referans Pendik, your living standards ascend to the pinnacle, offering prestige and comfort hand in hand. Perfection resonates in every inch of space.
  • Your expansive kitchen your
    sweetest indulgence

    • Envision a kitchen where elegance meets practicality in every detail. A space that wows with"its sophistication and consistently serves the finest flavors. Your kitchen, the heart of your home, will be your personal haven, impossible to step away from.
  • Their space, always
    special in your home

    • Our children are our most precious treasures, and ensuring their happiness and peace in their dream-filled world"is paramount. That’s why,"in Referans Pendik, a space truly special for our little ones is a constant promise.
  • Success at work,
    comfort at work

    • With its central location set to captivate the business world, Referans Pendik will place you at Sabiha Gökçen Airport within moments. The commercial units, curated with the Referans privilege, will redefine the corporate landscape, offering not only an elite working environment but also distinguished cafes and restaurants. Your route to success will be paved through these very offices.